Optagelse af I’ll be there

Recording audio file

You will find the backing track in Dropbox folder link below:


Follow this checklist before you start recording:

Follow this checklist when you start recording:

  • press the red record button
  • click on advanced and set the record format to WAV, the sample rate to 44,100, the channels on Mono and if you have the option the bit depth to 24 bit. 
  • some of you may have the option to set the record engine to advanced. If you have this option, do it. This way you can control the input gain if you click on level check.
  • make a test recording. Check if the meter doesn’t go in the red when you are singing loud, but also make sure it’s not too low. It should be just under the red area when you sing the loudest.

Stuff to think about when recording:

  • Do not stamp to hard on the ground or go stand on a carpet, otherwise you will hear this on the recording.
  • If you use paper sheets be aware of the sound it makes when turning the page.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode so there is no buzzing in the recording.
  • Sing as if you are on stage. If you have the solo line, go for it! If you have an accompanying line sing like it. Listen to the backing track singers for sound and blend.

After you recorded:

  • Click on Rename and call the file [VOICEGROUP]-[NAME]-Illbethere
  • Upload the file to our google drive folder:
  • If you cannot figure out how to upload it to drive you can send it to me via email.
  • stephan.haagensen@gmail.com